Sprucing up the Stitches

Three easy ways to glitz up your logo

Posted November 17, 2021 by Emily Altieri

As an apparel decorating specialist, we always encourage finding new and unique ways to spice up garments. Special events, recognitions, and of course the holiday season, are the perfect times to experiment with unique details and specialty deco methods. For example, classic embroidery is a staple when it comes to customizations. But did you ever want to add a little something… extra? Create an even more elevated logo by utilizing different embroidery options.

Metallic Thread Embroidery

One of the easiest ways to enhance any logo is to incorporate metallic thread into a design. It is a specialty thread that creates an enhanced shine on an embroidered logo. The metallic thread can be used in a design on its own, or alongside standard thread to add more dimension. Swapping out standard thread for metallic is a super easy switch and is great when you want to create a special piece in a short amount of time.

Sequin Embroidery

A bolder statement: sequins are a great option to add a glitzier feel to your decoration. Our sequin logos are eye-catching and unique, with an added element of fun. With a wide range of color options, we’ve made it super easy to integrate sequins into your design. For fully sequined logos, only one color can be used. However, consider combining sequin and thread embroidery for a multi-dimensional and colorful look.

Laser Etch and Embroidery Combo

If you want to add a special element to an embroidered design, but aren’t into shine, consider opting for a laser etch detail. This technique creates a shadowy look on garments and will make your embroidery pop even more. This technique works best on smooth, medium shade Fleece, Woven Denim and Performance Fabrics, so make sure to consider this when deciding what technique is best for your deco needs.

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