Laser Etching: One of the Hottest Decoration Trends in Logo Apparel

Posted January 18, 2017 by Laser Etching: One of the Hottest Decoration Trends in Logo Apparel

Looking for something new to try with your client’s logo? Check out one of the hottest decoration trends in logo apparel – laser etching. This popular technique uses laser technology to burn a logo or design right into the fabric of a garment. The end result differs by fabric but is always a precise, clean mark. On polyester polos and woven shirts, the laser machine burns the top layer of fabric resulting in a darker, tonal mark on the garment, and on denim shirts, the process removes the pigment as it burns the fabric. Medium-colored, smooth fabrics achieve a more distinguishable design than light or dark fabrics.

Since laser etching produces an upscale, tonal mark it is appropriate for many audiences and brands. Unique decoration placements including oversize left or right chest, large vertical, full-front over zippers, or hip areas can be used to bring extra attention to the logo and satisfy high impact branding and advertising needs. Laser etching is an easy process to quote since set-ups and run charges are usually based on overall design size. Vantage Apparel includes up to 36 square inches in its standard design charge. For clients that want something extra, mixed media designs that combine laser etching with standard embroidery or laser appliqué can provide an extremely trendy look. Ask your sales rep for specialty samples and swatches to promote this trending decoration technique or check out this demonstration.

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