Return to Office and WFH Apparel Ideas

Posted May 14, 2021 by Diana Fernandez

Top 5 styles for returning to office or when working from home “staycation” style.

As more vaccines roll out, businesses are starting to open their doors to welcome back their associates to their office. Simultaneously, there are also businesses that are allowing their associates to continue working from the comfort of their home. Nonetheless, outfitting your team is important whether they’re in-person or virtual.

For in-office associates, dressing up has been top of mind, and for those folks who remain virtual, comfortable yet polished styles are key. Here are the top 5 styles and that are versatile enough to make an impression in the office and comfy enough to wear in virtual meetings.

Vansport Omega Solid Mesh Tech Polo

If you’re already familiar with Vantage, you may know this very popular style because it has been a top seller for quite a while! First introduced in 2010, the Vansport Omega Solid Mesh Tech Polo has been a fan-favorite across several markets including technology, healthcare, food services and more for its technical performance, essential features, and professional silhouette.

With an extensive color palette and inclusive sizing, this moisture-wicking golf shirt has a solid history of keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the day no matter what activities you take on. On the other hand, if you’re deciding to work from your back porch (especially with Summer right around the corner) you’re guaranteed to be kept dry and protected with moisture-wicking and UV technology that this “do-it-all” polo has to offer.

Vansport Zen Pullover

Have you heard of the term “athflow?” If you haven’t, athflow is next level of athleisurewear. To sum it up, it combines loungewear, work-out ready, and elegance that can take you from your comfy couch, to a midday walk, and even the office. Our Vansport Zen Pullover is the perfect example of a style that meets the standards of “athflow”.

A popular style amongst clients, the Zen comes in a variety of color options and is super comfortable to wear. A great choice for work-from-home and office wear, the Zen is weightless, super silky, and has moisture management to keep you dry. Keep the Zen on hand to throw on over a t-shirt, and style it with jeans, shorts, or even cozy lounge pants. Outfit your staff in the Zen and they will be extremely satisfied. (You can thank us later)

Vansport Eureka Shirt

This one is for all of you eco-friendly and green lovers! Fashionable and sustainable apparel options are important to include in the mix since this movement continues to be on an uphill slope. Our Vansport Eureka Shirt is a great choice for the office and at home because the styling choices are limitless. Button it up for the office or grab a casual t-shirt and keep the Eureka open for a casual vibe.

For those clients who want the eco-friendly alternative, they’ll be happy to know that the Eureka is part of our Earthwise Collection and is made from Repreve ® recycled polyester that accounts for the recycling of 11-12 plastic bottles. One percent of the purchase from a style within this collection goes towards non-profit organizations which means their purchase decision is making a difference.

Greg Norman Protek Micro-Stripe Polo

Are you a fan of apparel with fun colorways but also appreciate a go-to neutral option? Maybe you’re someone who likes the look of a timeless polo that combines professionalism with a bright twist. It is commonly said that when you look good, you feel good, and those who dress the part whether they are at home or in the office, tend to perform better.

Greg Norman is a top-tier name within the golf industry, and most of this collection’s garments are equipped with state-of-the art technology and innovation. The Greg Norman Protek Stripe polo is a superior option. Not only does this polo lead the field in technical performance, but its color varieties range from aqua, mint, and peach to those at home who want that “staycation” feeling to more subtle options like navy and black to dress up in the office.

Newport Jacket

We went over polos and lightweight layer options, but we haven’t quite discussed the importance of having a garment that will protect you against all the elements. No matter where you may be doing your work from, it’s safe to say that the weather can be completely unpredictable, so it’s only right that you’re equipped with a top-notch jacket.

Our Newport Jacket is about to be your best friend that will always have your back. It’s convenience of a packable Zocket™ makes it easy to bring along the Newport with you whether you’re going to the office, on your lunch break, or perhaps work in an industry that requires you to be outdoors most of the time. Better yet, its waterproof, windproof, and stretch for ease of movement makes this the ultimate stylish and lightweight rain jacket suitable for any occasion.

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