Top Trends for 2022

Posted January 10, 2022 by Emily Altieri

Here at Vantage, we’re always looking ahead in terms of trends and striving to incorporate new ideas into our product lines. To celebrate 2022, we’ve decided to gather this year’s top trends for the promotional apparel industry.


A trend we’ve seen grow exceptionally over the past few years; sustainability is a topic that’s here to stay. Now more than ever, people are trying their hardest to make eco-conscious decisions for the betterment of the environment. Shopping consciously and choosing garments made from recycled materials is an awesome way to keep the planet in mind. Here at Vantage, we’ve been expanding our Earthwise Collection and only plan to continue doing so in 2022. Pieces in this collection are made with REPREVE® Recycled Polyester, that is created using plastic bottles. In 2021, we reached our goal of recycling 500,000 bottles, and we only hope to see this number increase in the year ahead.

Styles from left to right: 8060, 8063, 8065

Style: 8068

Elevated Comfort/Work Wear-Ever

More companies are announcing the implementation of remote and hybrid work models, permanently. From this shift, employees are taking advantage of this change and working from different spaces and places. This hybrid has created a need for clothing that is both comfortable and work appropriate. Subtle branding techniques and casual styles are perfect for any out-of-office work environment. Favorable fabrics include spandex and fleece, for both breathability and comfort. Some of our favorite pieces for this trend include our Grace Flow Cardigan, Greg Norman Lab Hoodie, and our Mesa Jacket.

Gender Neutral

Unisex styles are the future of fashion. Over the past few years, many companies have begun to embrace clothing styles without labels based on gender. In 2022, we will be seeing more styles that are fit for anyone and everyone. Classic t-shirts and sweaters are a great place to start introducing gender neutral styles for any brand. Check out our Gildan styles for some options!

Style: GILD1800

Styles Featured: 1250, 3135

Modern Preppy

The classic, clean-cut preppy look always makes a resurgence every few years. In 2022, it’s back again with sleek silhouettes and crisp layering styles. Inspired by collegiate-varsity vibes, this trend is nostalgic and modern all a t the same time. One of our favorite looks for this trend has been our Sandhill Shirt and Mesa Vest combo; it elicits old school simplicity with a modern twist.

Better Made Basics

Going hand in hand with sustainability, investing in quality pieces has become a huge trend as of late. Rather than buying low-quality items that last a short amount of time, consumers are instead opting for items that are built to last. Next time you want to buy more, consider buying better and smarter. Here at Vantage, we are exceptionally attentive to the detail that goes into our garments and their decoration, along every step of the production process. We always create our goods with Logogevity™ in mind, so when you make a purchase, it is sure to last.

Styles from left to right: 2001, 2000

Style Featured: 3450

Mental Health

The past two years have not been an easy or simple time. It’s been both stressful and scary to live through a pandemic for all. As a result of this, people are investing in products that offer both comfort and self-care aspects. From warm blankets to cozy pieces, people want to feel calm and collected, a contrast to the ever-changing outside world. Our Zen Pullover is one of our favorite pieces for anyone looking to invest in themselves. Its fabric is luxe and soft, and is perfect for lounging, running errands, or even working out.

Giving Back

Consumers are beginning to care more about how their purchases are making an impact. They are voting with their dollar and choosing to opt for styles that have a charitable aspect to them. When making a purchase, think of how your investment can go further and give back as well. Here at Vantage, we’ve partnered with 1% for the Planet to donate a portion of sales made from our Earthwise Collection. From each purchase made, we donate one percent of sales to Clean Ocean Action, a non-profit that works to protect vital local waterways.

Varsity Block Lettering

Going along with the “Modern Preppy” trend, varsity block logos are a great design idea for your next order. An awesome look for sweatshirts, sweaters, and even t-shirts, this design style is nostalgic and cool.

Heat Transfer

Heat transfer is an awesome design option if you have a limited budget or need to order a smaller quantity. Production times are quick and create little to no waste in the process.


A great way to add a personalized touch, monograms are a subtle and classic addition. Whether you’re adding a name or initials, monogramming is always a fantastic personalization that is sure to make its wearer feel special.

Inside Decoration

Available on jackets with a Zocket™ Pocket and smooth inner lining, inside decoration is a unique addition to outerwear pieces. It’s the perfect spot to add your company motto or mission statement, for a little hidden inspiration.

Unique Logo Placement

If you want a super easy way to spruce up your logo, try opting for alternate placement on your garment. Some great options are a vertical placket placement, upper shoulder, or the sleeve cuff.

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