*TREND ALERT* The Sandhill: A Modern, Performance, Moisture Wicking Dress Shirt

Posted August 22, 2018 by Aja Norman

We were on location in New York City, in August, and it was time to photograph one of our newest button-down dress shirts, The Sandhill. Given the temperature and the long walk from the dressing area, we expected to see our talent get through her series of shots as fast as possible and return to the air-conditioned studio. Instead, she couldn’t stop talking about how comfortable the shirt felt, how attractive it looked overall, and how easy it was to move around without feeling constricted.

As you can imagine, professional NYC models get to wear some fantastic clothes. When we saw how genuine the comments were, and that she didn’t rush to change into the next outfit, we knew we had a winner.

Why Promotional Products Distributors Should Pay Attention to the Sandhill Dress Shirt

Before the Sandhill launched, we had never seen a dress shirt generate so much excitement. From photo shoots, tradeshows and distributor sales meetings, the feedback is consistent – this shirt is top of its class. With the invention of performance wovens, we have finally found a way to make dress shirts interesting and worthy enough for promotional products distributors to present to their clients as an on-trend new item.

So, why is this Sandhill Dress Shirt so special? Read on, my friend. Read. On.

1: The Feel

The Vansport™ Sandhill Dress Shirt (men’s style 1250/women’s style 1251) not only has a light and airy feel but is also breathable and wicks moisture to keep you cool throughout the day, and it’s super stretchy, thanks to its 95% polyester/5% spandex blend, which is perfect for all seasons. It’s truly amazing that you can get both comfort and a tailored fit from one dress shirt.

2: Effortless Fashion

This next-gen performance woven dress shirt is easy to care for and does not require professional dry cleaning. Just wash in cold water as you would with most casual shirts and dry on low heat. The Sandhill is wrinkle-resistant, so it looks great straight from the dryer with no ironing required. *Applause erupts*

3: A buzzworthy button-down

We have heard of performance polo shirts for some time now, but performance dress shirts are in a class of their own. The promise of comfort, combined with the professional look of a button-down dress shirt, has lured companies to revisit corporate casualwear and front-of-house uniforms. Brands such as Vineyard Vines and Ministry of Supply have their own take on the “hybrid” and “performance” detail, but at a high cost. The Sandhill dress shirt provides a lower price alternative at just $45.00 - $55.00.

4: Did I mention the modern styling?

The men’s Sandhill has a modern fit, meaning it’s not tight or fitted, but it’s also not big and boxy. The women’s is tailored with bust darts to add feminine shaping and long enough to tuck in, but not too long that you couldn’t wear it untucked. Both styles feature a fashionable spread collar with removable stays. Yes, that means this shirt does not have the tell-tale dress shirt buttons, and the shirt itself does not have a pocket. I repeat, NO POCKET. This small detail creates a strong stream-lined effect and definitely elevates the overall look of the piece.

Women’s Style Tip: Never underestimate the power of good layering techniques. This is a piece that can take you from a boardroom meeting to out of office, in a second. Simply leave the dress shirt unbuttoned to allow visibility of a tank top underneath, add a sweater on top and finish with a perfectly polished tie-front detail. Seal the deal with a sassy heal or mule and you are perfectly equipped for a day-to-night look.

5: Non-competing pattern

Let’s face it, patterns look great, but they can be difficult to decorate if they put your logo in constant competition with a busy background. Well, you won’t have that issue with this dress shirt. Unlike many ginghams, the Sandhill’s mini-check pattern is tightly constructed which allows for embroidery and other decoration techniques to be placed without seeming brash. The Sandhill also comes in two neutral colorways; Blue/White and Grey/White making it easy to complement any brand palette and even easier to work in with a favorite classic outfit or more casual vibe.

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