Vantage Apparel is now a SanMar PSST approved decorator

Posted March 20, 2018 by Mike Wilkos

Distributors benefit with free shipping to any Vantage decoration facility

AVENEL, N.J. (March 20, 2018): Vantage Apparel, award-winning decorator and industry top source for custom logo apparel, is now an approved decorator for the SanMar PSST program at each of its locations in Avenel, New Jersey; St. Louis, Missouri; and Santa Ana, California.

Distributors will benefit from free shipping into Vantage, no restocking fees, and a spoilage protection plan among other great benefits.

All three locations are approved to decorate on The North Face® items. At its New Jersey facility, Vantage will decorate SanMar items with embroidery, sequin embroidery, laser applique, reverse applique, and laser tech patches. Distributors can also take advantage of single-piece embroidery in New Jersey, which is a perfect solution for on-demand webstore programs.

"The market continues to shift to small orders and faster fulfillment," commented Vantage President, Ira Neaman. "When distributors select Vantage as a PSST decorator, they will benefit from SanMar's efficiencies and Vantage's award-winning decoration at our three strategically-located decoration facilities. This will make it easier and more cost-effective for distributors to get a large variety of brands and products decorated and in the hands of their clients in less time."

Vantage Apparel has been a leading innovator in the promotional apparel industry since 1977. With over 1,200 embroidery heads, Vantage is the largest contract decorator in North America and has won the PPAI award for embroidery for 22 years in a row as well as the ASI Distributor Choice award for decorated apparel for 10 years.

How to Get Started

Distributors can immediately begin using Vantage Apparel as a PSST decorator.

To get started, simply make sure that you place your order with SanMar, designate it as PSST, and use one of the following addresses exactly as they appear below:

Vantage NJ
AVENEL, NJ 07001

Vantage MO

Vantage CA
SANTA ANA, CA 92705-5124

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Vantage offer single-invoice services as part of the SanMar PSST program?

Not at this time; however, Vantage Apparel is exploring offering this service later in 2018.

Is Vantage Apparel approved to decorate on The North Face items?

Yes, Vantage Apparel is an approved decorator for The North Face items. Items from The North Face can be decorated at all three Vantage facilities.

What SanMar brands will Vantage decorate?

Vantage will decorate all SanMar brands, including, but not limited to:

  • Nike
  • The North Face
  • New Era
  • Eddie Bauer
  • Red House
  • Ogio
  • Port Authority
  • Any other brand offered by SanMar

For more information about these brands, please visit or contact your SanMar sales representative.

Which Vantage facilities offer single-piece embroidery?

Single-piece embroidery is only offered at the New Jersey facility.

Will Vantage decorate SanMar items with methods other than embroidery?

At the New Jersey facility, distributors have access to the following decoration methods: embroidery, sequin embroidery, laser applique, reverse applique, and laser tech patches. At the St. Louis and Santa Ana facilities, only embroidery is offered.

How can I get a quote or Vantage decoration price list?

Please email our Project Management team, which can be reached at Any other questions that you might have about Vantage contract decoration services can be sent to this address as well.

Susan berruquin January 21

Im looking for someone to design garments geared to 4 select high schools surrounding my business. I embroider but I cant stock my retail frontage and keep up with my own custom work. I need help!

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