Why You Should Be Utilizing Promotional Products at Festivals

Posted May 31, 2022 by Emily Altieri

Warmer weather means festivals are back and in full swing. These large-scale events are the perfect opportunity to create brand awareness through use of promotional products. From music to food festivals, the options are endless for creating some unique and awesome pieces. Here are some key items you should consider for your next event.

Packable Outerwear

Stylish and practical, packable outerwear is a must-have for any festival. No one wants another thing to carry around, especially a bulky jacket. Packable outerwear is a great option for vendors to consider, for its practicality.

Our Pick: The Newport Jacket, Style 7370/7371

Commemorative Pieces

Putting on a festival is no easy feat. They require a lot of preparation and collaboration to put on such a miraculous event. To celebrate the fest and make it all the more memorable, consider creating a unique, commemorative piece.

Our Pick: The Pullover Stretch Anorak, Style 6105/6106


Who doesn’t love a t-shirt to take home after attending an awesome event? They’re a staple and one of the most common pieces you’ll find in anyone’s wardrobe. These shirts are a great option for merchandise booths and are sure to be a hit at any festival.

Our Pick: Gildan® Softstyle® T-Shirt, Style GILD6400/GILD6400L

Staff Shout Out

While working hard to put on a seamless festival, staff should look and feel their best. For optimal comfort, we recommend a performance polo. Selecting a performance piece ensures that your employees will feel good in their festival attire.

Our Pick: The Marco Polo, Style 2000/2001

XTreme Visibility

A commonly overlooked, but necessary product for any large event is high visibility apparel. These bright pieces are extremely important for highlighting various staff members. Parking attendants and security guards should be outfitted in these pieces so they can be easily spotted by festival-goers near and wide.

Our Pick: Xtreme Visibility HiVis Perfect Polo, Style XVPP2005

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