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Digital Print Transfers

The Future of Printing is Here: Digital Print Transfers Unveil Limitless Creativity!

In-House from Start to Finish

Digital Print Transfers are your gateway to an innovative printing realm, where we use the latest direct to film technology. It merges precision, vibrancy, and longevity, allowing intricate designs to flourish on apparel. From photo-realistic images to intricate art, DPT breaks barriers and redefines what's achievable. It's not just about printing; it's about creating visual and tactile experiences that captivate and endure.

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Versatility and Speed

Digital Print Transfers work flawlessly on a array of fabric types, ranging from cotton and polyester to blended fabrics. One of its standout features is the accelerated turnaround time it offers compared to other methods. Traditional printing setup processes, such as screen preparation and color separation, are eliminated, ensuring swift production for small to medium-sized print runs.

Designs That Last

At the heart of Digital Print Transfers lies durability. The ink employed in the process is designed to be eco-friendly and resistant to washing, guaranteeing that your designs stay vibrant even after multiple washes and extended use. Plus, with Digital Print Transfers, potential to craft raised or embossed effects by layering ink during printing, your designs not only look remarkable but also offer a tactile dimension.

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