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Throw-Back Logos are a Cinch with Vintage Soft-Hand Screen Printing
Posted by GinaB

Vintage soft-hand screen printing is a popular method for creating trendy, retail-looking garments. The nostalgic aspect makes it perfect for corporate anniversaries, throw-back campaigns and company stores. Here’s how it’s done in 5 easy steps.

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Laser Etching: One of the Hottest Decoration Trends in Logo Apparel
Posted by Gina B

Looking for something new to try with your client’s logo? Check out one of the hottest decoration trends in logo apparel – laser etching. This popular technique uses laser technology to burn a logo or design right into the fabric of a garment. The end result differs by fabric but is always a precise, clean mark.

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Corporate Anniversaries: A Perfect Fit for Decorated Apparel
Posted by Mike W

“But what about that one?” the distributor asked as he turned toward our “varsity” quarter-zip pullover bearing the year “1950” across the chest in bold, two-layer twill applique.

I racked the polo shirt I was holding and grabbed the pullover off of the pop-up display.

After seeing the shirt and feeling the decoration, the distributor exclaimed, “My client has a 100th year anniversary coming up. This would be perfect!”

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